Roxanne’s Glue Baste-IT

Roxanne’s Glue Baste-It

New 2-way Applicator

Stick With Me Baby!

New Glue Baste-It Applicator

As if Roxanne’s Glue Baste-It can get any better! At last Spring’s wholesale Quilt Market, Colonial Needle unleashed yet another new applicator for their superb quality Roxanne product, Glue Baste-It. The go-to glue for many crafters, Glue Baste-It is especially appropriate for use with fabrics. The glue is water-soluble but holds firmly until you wash it. It’s ph neutral so it won’t change the color of your fabric. Best of all, it dries clear in a couple of minutes.

Now, the new 2-way applicator bottle gives crafters several application choices. Need tiny little dots of glue? Use the small tip and dot-dot-dot. If you need a wider swath of glue, turn the bottle over and smear with the wide tip. And if you need a narrow but constant line, turn the wide tip on its edge and apply gentle but steady pressure.

This little bottle does it all. From holding down appliques to temporarily setting in zippers, Glue Baste-It is simply the best.

A Little Something Book

Roseann Meehan Kermes’ new book, ‘A Little Something’

Roseann Meehan Kermes, owner of Rosebud’s Cottage and also the author of the best-selling new book called A Little Something, Cute-as-Can-Be Patterns for Wool Stitchery is a fervent fan of Roxanne’s Glue Baste-It. She uses it for her wool applique projects and has bottles everywhere in her studio. She sent this picture to prove it!

Roseann's Studio Supplies

Roseann’s Studio Supplies

To pick up your bottle of Roxanne Glue Baste-It’s new two-way applicator click here. Or, visit our website to check out the rest of the Roxanne family of products.

Big Stitch Quilting

Big Stitch Quilting

Thoughts on Big Stitch Quilting from Pepper Cory

Big Stitch Quilting

Pepper Cory with her Big Stitch Quilt

Many times I hand sew because I find the rhythm of handling the needle—in, out, back down, in, out while gathering stitches— very therapeutic. The action requires total focus but my hands know more what to do than my brain. After a short while, the work happens without effort. I find myself stitching and my mind wandering. Call it a ‘mental vacation with a needle.’

This summer I pieced and Big Stitch quilted a small, simple quilt. After five days of work, it was done and I felt a sense of accomplishment and peace. The small quilt is coming with me to the upcoming Houston Quilt Market.  If you’re attending, please stop by and see us—the quilt, me, and all the Colonial Needle family—in booths 1328 and 1329.

Line Marking Techniques

Line marking technique used by Pepper on this quilt.

The quilt was pieced from 44 different colors (plus white) of the Peppered Cottons line of Shot Cottons from StudioE Fabrics cut into 3″ squares. The threads used to Big Stitch were varying colors of Size 8 Perle cotton by Presencia (found here).  For the hand stitching I used the largest needle from the Big Stitch sampler pack by Colonial Needle (found here). I marked the lines to follow with stitches by using a big fat tapestry needle (their tips are not sharp) and scoring the fabric alongside a ruler.

The quilting covers the quilt in a plaid of different colors of stitching—just the thing for those of us who love to quilt but bore easily when the work is too much the same.

Big Stitch Quilt

Pepper’s Finished Big Stitch Quilt